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Meet Gerhard van Eck

Gerhard van Eck (born 1977) hails from Cape Town, South Africa. He spent his childhood years in George on the southern coast of South Africa. Surrounded by mountains and the ocean, the beauty and power of nature has always inspired him.

After completing school Gerhard spent several years traveling the United Kingdom and Africa. These experiences continue to influence his work today, in particular the vibrancy, energy, strength, mystery, quirks and contentment discovered in people along the journey.

The early years

Gerhard’s career as a sculptor commenced in 2009. His early work was exploratory by nature with limited detail. It focused on form and flow rather than striving towards recognisable features.

Current work

Since the beginning of his career Gerhard has devoted himself to experimentation with different mediums and to gaining a greater knowledge and understanding of the human anatomy. Although his work includes various subjects, figure sculpting remains a key focus. He refrains from using live models during his sculpting process in an attempt to avoid perfection and to rather reveal the idiosyncrasies of people and to capture the unique energy inherent to each sculpture.